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We are in a position to resell space on the server we rent, from EUKHOST. We have had great customer support from this provider and they do resolve issues quite quickly. We're quite particular about having 24/7 support, so there's always someone to help when WE need it, so our customers can feel confident that they can contact us at any time of the day. Other companies may have premium rate lines, premium rate hosting feed and only work 9-5, but we work 24/7 and our clients can't afford to wait until the next day to get something fixed.

What we offer on top of the actual hosting itself:

  • Backup of your existing website
  • Copying your existing CRON Job settings if you have any automated tasks running
  • Copying across your email settings, including forwarders
  • Copying across your website and reconfiguring it where necessary
  • Responding to your website usage to provide more hard-drive space and bandwidth if your website gets a lot of traffic - well done! - instead of punishing you for going over your limit (although if this is maintained, we may need to upgrade your package, but we'll discuss options with you at the time)
  • Provide you with a 1st point of contact for all queries regarding your hosting. We may not be able to resolve all your queries, so we will talk to the host on your behalf where we need to


Superb, MyStream's hosting has been very reliable.


Very good, excellent personal service

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