Mobile Application Development

We have recently begun working on mobile applications.

Our first application hit Apple's App Store in September 2012 for the prototype launch of Marq.Me's unique identity and trust network.

Check out the screenshots below from the application.


MyStream developed a solution from design and front-end development to server-side and mobile application framework development.

Our unique PHP framework came into its own when working with the mobile application by enabling us to rapidly prototype the functionality we needed to implement the JSON and XML interfaces for the profile screens.

The mobile application hit a number of milestones for our team. We have included the following features in this launch:

If you're looking to move into the mobile space, we'd like to work with you to develop your presence. Our first application has launched with great success for Marq.Me, helping them keep busy throughout the two day Business Show in London.


  • Geo Location API to report the user's position
  • Video Capture to upload videos to the server to share
  • Audio Capture to record an event to upload and share
  • Photo Capture and upload
  • Uploading of recorded videos and stored images
  • Commenting and messages with threading
  • Private and Public communication channels
  • SSL supported chat channels with Push Messaging
  • Push Messaging that carries no sensitive information, requiring a pull from the server over SSL to fetch sensitive messages
  • QR code integration to share links quickly with others
  • Integration with the 3rd party Qrafter Application - which we highly recommend
  • Unique XML Parser for customised or personalised context-sensitive Profile Displays